2015 - Current
Master Degree in New Media Design and Production
- Aalto University | Helsinki, Finland.
Minor in Game Design and Production - Aalto University | Helsinki, Finland.
Researcher at Crucible Studios, NeuroCine & Virtual Cinema Lab, Aalto University.

2008 – 2011
Bachelor in Visual Communication/Graphic Design
- Senac University Center | Sao Paulo, Brasil.
2009 – 2011
Researcher and student assistant
: Prototyping and Evaluation of Tridimensional Interactions in Augmented Reality and Virtual Environments. LPAI - Laboratory for Research in Interactive Environments and Interlab - Interactive Technologies Laboratory of the Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Systems of the University of São Paulo.

Thesis: Holoface: COSMOS - Design for Environments of Holographic Interactivity. (Senac, FAU - Poli/USP).


2017 - Current

Designer and Creative Producer at Stereoscape. Helsinki - FI
Design and production of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality experiences for heavy industries and enterprises.
Working closely with clients like Nokia, Stockholm Airport, Swedavia and others to create 3d real-time visualizations and interactive experiences for showrooms, fairs and conferences.

Designer, Technical and Creative Producer, Researcher and Developer at Scopic. Amsterdam - NL
3-months project based position in the first virtual reality film studio of the Netherlands. Working on virtual reality short-movies and animations. Research and development of new filming, design tools and practices for the creation of 360 videos, VR 3d real-time and interactive virtual reality experiences.

2015 - 2017
Designer, Researcher and Developer at Crucible Studios & Virtual Cinema Lab. Helsinki - FI
Research and production group at Aalto University, working in new ways of storytelling in New Media. Producing hybrids between cinema and games, art installations, interactive movies and virtual reality.

2014 - Current
Designer, Technical and Creative Director, Researcher and Developer at DMV22 Collective. São Paulo - BR + Munich - DE
Producing, researching and developing audiovisual and interactive experiences with design, technology and performing arts for self directed projects and exhibitions running in connection with artists of South and Central America and Europe. Mainly founded by BayernForum of the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Foundation, Munich (DE).

2011 - 2014
Designer, Researcher and Developer at BijaRi. São Paulo - BR
Researching and developing audiovisual and interactive experiences for brands like Absolut, TEDx, HBO, festivals and art galleries like Rock in Rio and Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo.

2011 - 2012
Designer, Researcher and Developer at Atelier Ludovico. São Paulo - BR

Researching and developing new digital tools from audiovisual installation to mobile applications that merges the digital with the handmade and graphical work of the Atelier. 


- Teacher Assistant at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland in collaboration with Parsons Design School, New York, USA:
Occupy Earth - Mixed Reality Collaborative Semester Course.
- Teacher at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland: CIA - New Media Interactions intensive course.

- Guest Lecturer and Tutor at Aalto Media Factory, Helsinki, Finland: VR Workshop - Cameras, Lights, Interaction Conference.
- Guest Lecturer and Tutor at Aalto Media Factory, Helsinki, Finland: VR Workshop - Aalto Media Factory.

- Monthly Workshop Teacher at Sesc Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil: Audiovisual Performance: From Sound to Images.

- Weekend Workshop Teacher at Idea Fixa, São Paulo, Brazil: New Media and Projection Mapping Theory and Practice.
- Half-yearly Course Teacher at Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo, Brazil: Art and Design in New Media.

- Workshop Teacher at International Festival of Art and Technology, Brasilia, Brazil: Body Mapping - New Media and the Performing Arts.
- Workshop Teacher at Sesc Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Brazil: Art and Design in New Media - Focus in Video Art and Projection Mapping.
- Guest Teacher at Architecture Master Course at European Institute of Design, São Paulo, Brazil: Corporative and Future Architecture.

- Workshop Teacher at Design Students National Meeting (N Design), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: New Media, New Ways.
- Professor Assistant: Graduation in Multimedia at Senac University Center, São Paulo, Brazil:
Programming in Processing Language for Visual Designers Course.


Neanderthalensis - VR Experience
Selected for DASH Festival 16, Helsinki, Finland.

Winter Every Day - VR Experience
Selected for “When The Tiger Smoked a Pipe” Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea.

O SINO, video art made for ponte project (BR/UK) with collective doomy (UK)
Selected for the Media Arts and Film Festival MAFFE, Helsinki, Finland.

LINIT, video art in colaboration with dmv22 collective
Selected for Dança em Foco, International Video Dance Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

TREPP, multimedia performance with DMV22 Collective and Octocto Orchestra, Munich/São Paulo.
Performance that blends contemporary dance, live music, live vjing and projection mapping, selected for residency in Munich and granted for touring in several places of Germany, Portugal and Brazil.

VRUM + VRUMvrumzinho, multimedia performance with DMV22 Collective, São Paulo.
Two performances, one for adults and one for children, that blends contemporary dance and live painting granted by Caixa Cultural to be presented more than fifty times through several regions and capitals of Brazil.

IMPRINT, video art with the musician Iridescent for Step In Recordings, São Paulo.
Featured in the contemporary art issue Landscape from Italy and selected for the Without Words Film Festival 2014 in Metz, France.