Hi there!

I'm Victor Pardinho,

I was born in Brazil but currently living in Helsinki, Finland. I work mainly with audiovisual experiences and real-time technologies, making use of different techniques like projection mapping, interactive installations, video art, filmmaking, virtual reality and games. I consider myself a hybrid between an artist/designer with strong technological skills. Through my professional life I've been specializing in combining art and design skills with programming and technical knowledge. I also like to teach and give courses and workshops especially in the fields of a/v and real-time technologies and new media design. I've been working with design, game and film studios, artists and research groups with projects presented in countries like Brazil, Portugal, Germany, USA, South Korea and Finland.

Concepting, Storytelling & Storyboarding
Art & Design (Adobe Suite)
Real-time Engines (Unreal and Unity)
3D Tech, Real-time Rendering, Lightning, Environment Art (3Ds Max, Photogrammetry)
Basic Programming & Scripting (C#, C++ and Unreal Blueprint)
Audiovisual Techniques & Technology (Motion Graphics, VJing and Projection Mapping)

Main Tools:


Others: JavaScript, OpenFrameworks, Processing.
Modul8, MadMapper, Resolume. LeapMotion, Kinect, Depth Cameras. Agisoft, Reality Capture, 3D Scans, Photogrammetry.