Hi there!

Hi, I'm a Brazilian-born artist and Europe based researcher and developer. Working mainly with audiovisual experiences and real-time technologies, making use of several techniques like projection mapping, interactive installations, VR/AR and MR, film and games. I consider myself a hybrid between an artist and designer with strong technological skills. I've been working with design, game and film studios; artists and research groups across the world, with projects presented in several countries like Brazil, Portugal, Germany, USA, UK, South Korea and Finland. I also teach and run workshops in the fields of immersive and interactive art and media in institutions like Aalto University (FI), Istituto Europeo di Design (IT/BR) and Parsons Design School (NYC). I hold a master degree in New Media Design and Production and bachelor degree in Visual Communication.

Concepting, Storytelling & Storyboarding
Art & Design (Adobe Suite)
Real-time Engines (Unreal and Unity)
3D Tech, Real-time Rendering, Lightning, Environment Art (3Ds Max, Photogrammetry)
Basic Programming & Scripting (C#, C++ and Unreal Blueprint)
Audiovisual Techniques & Technology (Motion Graphics, VJing and Projection Mapping)

Main Tools:


Others: JavaScript, OpenFrameworks, Processing.
Modul8, MadMapper, Resolume. LeapMotion, Kinect, Depth Cameras. Agisoft, Reality Capture, 3D Scans, Photogrammetry.